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Sliding through my dreams maybe your thoughts will never perish but it is very true that I have chosen a different road for myself. Thinking about those beautiful memories, I still cannot help myself from stopping the sarcastic smile, which appears on my face. Maybe it wont work I think, I needed break. My life gave me sorrows every time and I do not think I have witnessed anything rather than a moist season in my life. Making my life was no less than making me witness my powerlessness and make me shed tears of blood. Helplessness grabbed me all over again, a moment without you was very harsh and impatient, I felt like what was living worth when my wounds were never healed and slaved for. You left me alone, when I needed you the most. I was never able to understand the plot of life when even my own people appeared like strangers...

Maybe I made some mistakes unwittingly but I did not deserve to be stoned for every moment of my life, and I thank you for those moments when I was hardly able to see beyond the fog of sadness... Humid and moist nature of my life when I was craving for you was maybe perhaps the most unwanted part of my life...Dilemma of life was much harder, never did my life make friendship with me and whenever did I meet you I just felt that at every point of life I was given a gift of sorrows and tears... I cannot remember when the last time I laughed and still you want me to be with you... How can life be so rude to me, life was changing its pace for every moment and people said that life was full of happiness but why was I to witness sorrow every time. Tomorrow always meant a new upbringing of sorrow to me...Resting my head on your shoulder and holding you and crying out my pain relaxed me but since you left me alone I just broke apart like a falling glass breaking apart into several pieces...  Meeting you was like meeting perfect smile for just a few seconds of life, you meant everything to me. Spring season of my life suddenly changed its way back to scary monsoon making me cry for loving you every moment...

Sorry but it has taken years of my life to make myself understand life and I don’t want to go on ahead but I just want to break apart and live my life, because for every bloody tear which you have made me cry I have wasted my whole life for it...


Relationships sometimes are better kept like broken glasses rather than picking the pieces of glasses to join them, because this hurts oneself... Plot of life is better played as it is...rather than changing its direction because change of directions in wind like relationships may up bring storms...

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Posted on 03:34AM on Dec 20th, 2012
nicely written ;)
Posted on 03:36AM on Dec 20th, 2012
thnxs :) :) !!
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